Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Match App, not only a social memory game for Android

Montezuma Interactive published a new memory social game for Android, Match App.

While it might look like a simple game, Match App offers a serious opportunity to improve your memory skill, and train your brain to quickly elaborate new mental strategies while approaching different semantic schemes.


Because while focusing on a series of objects, the human brain tries to organize them spontaneously, in order to be able to fetch them later.

The key factor is the approach used by the brain to organize these objects. In fact, the criteria is altered depending on the semantic nature of each set of items.

Animals, letters, common objects, flags: each set may be organized by the brain with different criterias. Forcing it to do it as quickly as possible and with the fewest errors as possible, the brain naturally must find, game by game, different mental strategies, discarding on the way the most inefficient in favour of the smarter ones. Doing this exercise under the effect of the adrenaline due to the challenge with the opponent, this process is made durable and permanent, giving the brain a brand new skill.

These new schemes are then adopted by the brain in common life situations, like in the office, where your brain is now trained to be quicker and smarter.

So, have fun while making your brain a better brain!